Treat the parrot beak’s fungal infection with tea tree oil

I found by chance my parrot’s low beak had some plaques with pitting marks/small holes on the root. I searched online and know it’s a fungal infection that’s also called “dermatophytosis”.

The parrot with fungal infection on the beak

The most suggested treatment is to apply a layer of white Vaseline on the affected area. This is to isolate the fungi from oxygen, then kill the fungi. But it would take a long time (about two weeks or even longer), also the parrot may feel inconvenient and scratch the white Vaseline off.

I decide to use garlic fist. I like to use garlic because I had used it to save some birds who’s had internal infections. Garlic is able to suppress and kill fungus. I cut garlic into slices and dipped them into water. Then I drip-fed the parrot with garlic water and dripped garlic water on the affected area for a week. It worked to stop a further infection, and slightly reduced the symptom. But a few days after I stopped using the garlic water, the infection deteriorated again. Garlic seemed not that effective to treat the outer infection.

Treat the parrot beak's fungal infection with garlic water

Finally, I adopted tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties of killing many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. But tea tree oil is also very poisonous, especially to small creatures if the tea tree oil goes into their blood circulation via the delicate skin or wound. This is why I hesitate and don’t use it first. Of course I would be very carefully not to let the tea tree oil go inside the mouth of the parrot since I decided to use it.

The tea tree oil to treat fungal infection

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I used a cotton swab with tea tree oil to scratch slightly the parrot’s infected area, the next day, I observed the plaques were peeling off. The tea tree oil really worked and was very effectively! I applied the tea tree oil every two days on the parrot’s outer infected area. The below photo is after 3 times using tea tree oil.

Treat the parrot beak's fungal infection with tea tree oil

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