Skills And Tools For Bird Watching

Bird watching is basically a simple job that you can just start your watching with a binocular. But if you want to enjoy more fun in watching birds, you need to prepare more skills and tools for the bird watching trip. Field guide You need a book of field guide to birds that help you to know what […]

Chinese Bird Cage Culture

The Chinese bird cage culture has been hundreds of years. In China, especially in ancient time, owning a good bird cage is the symbol of social status of the rich men or the high officials. The bird cage culture was quiet different in South China and North China before.  In south China, a bird cage is usually made of bamboo […]

Keep Bird Flu Away From You And Your Pet Birds

Bird flu, also called Avian influenza, refers to influenza caused by some influenza virus strains adapted to birds. There are many types of bird flu, and most do not cause severe illness in birds and humans. But one type of bird flu, H5N1, have caused the death of millions of poultry and many wild birds, and sometimes can be passed […]

DIY a parrot breeding box

When your pet parrots are going to breed, they need a nest that they can hide in and feel safe to have eggs to hatch. We usually place a nest box inside the cage or affix the nest box to the cage if the cage is not big enough. We call this nest box as […]

DIY a parrot ladder toy

Parrots like to climb and bite. A good toy for such a need is a toy ladder. A toy ladder is not only to satisfy the parrots’ need to play fun, but also to allow them do more exercise for its health. Materials and tools for a toy ladder Wood sticks, two strings and a hole […]

What to do when meeting a baby wild bird

Spring and summer are the seasons for the adult birds to nest and give birth to babies. Be careful at this period that you may meet a baby bird on the ground when walking in the the street with trees on one or two sides, or the place with trees that’s available for birds to nest. […]

The flight suit for a pet bird – bird diaper

For the bird owners who have pet birds that spend lots of time out of the cages, they are supposed to have diapers for their birds. A diaper for a pet bird is just like the diaper for a new born baby to prevent your pet bird poops everywhere, especially poops in flying. It can save bird […]

Prevention and treatment for a pet bird’s egg binding – dystocia

What is egg binding? Egg binding refers to a serious medical condition that a female bird is unable to pass an egg. The egg may be stuck near the cloaca or inside the reproductive tract, it can cause infection and even death if not treated properly in time. Why egg binding occurs? Egg binding can […]

How to treat a constipated bird

It’s rare for a pet bird, especially a pet parrot, to get constipated. But once a bird suffers a constipation, the bird will often strain to defecate, and become very inactive or irritable with fluffed feathers. It’s a very bad health problem that needs to take immediate attention and action. The bird’s constipation can be caused by: The bird does not have enough […]

Diagnosis and treatment for a dehydrated baby bird

Dehydration is a common serious problem that often happens in baby birds. It will cause baby birds die quickly, so an immediate medical attention should be paid when the birds have the below signs: Reddish looking skin instead of pink looking. The baby gets a bit constipated as it often does the pooping jobs with little […]