Chinese Bird Cage Culture

The Chinese bird cage culture has been hundreds of years. In China, especially in ancient time, owning a good bird cage is the symbol of social status of the rich men or the high officials. The bird cage culture was quiet different in South China and North China before.  In south China, a bird cage is usually made of bamboo […]

DIY a parrot breeding box

When your pet parrots are going to breed, they need a nest that they can hide in and feel safe to have eggs to hatch. We usually place a nest box inside the cage or affix the nest box to the cage if the cage is not big enough. We call this nest box as […]

Protect bird nests from predators

Many small animals, including squirrels, cats and snakes, will attempt to attack bird nests and eat bird eggs, babies and even adult birds. I ever saw a squirrel stole bird babies from a nest! If you don’t want such a thing happens to a bird nest in your backyard or nearby, you are supposed to do something to […]

Help wild birds nest in your backyard

Bird feeders can attract wild birds to your backyard when you fill the feeders with bird foods, but you can keep them stay longer becoming your neighbors by providing them help to nest in your backyard. Different birds need different kinds of nests, you need to study what kind of  bird often goes to your backyard […]