How to feed a baby parrot

What to feed a baby parrot You can make by yourself the runny food for baby birds by mixing the below with water. Dog food and/or chicken food and/or human baby food A little human nutritional supplement But due to the baby birds’ immune system isn’t fully developed. excellent hygiene is required when handling the replacement food like dog […]

How To Make Hummingbird Food – Nectar And Bugs

Hummingbirds drink flower nectar to get energy, and they eat small soft bodied insects/bugs to take protein. The nectar can be replaced by sugar water because sugar is the main content of the nectar and the direct source to produce energy. The soft bodied insects/bugs include ants, small spiders, mosquitoes, aphids and fruit flies […]

How to trap fruit flies

Fruit flies can be seen everywhere around our living places. And it’s a good source of protein food for hummingbirds and some small pet fishes. We can collect these “protein food” for our birds and fishes by setting a trap. The below 2 traps are common and effective for trapping fruit flies. 1.  Cut a […]

Bird Seed Types For Different Bird Species

Before feeding the wild birds in your backyard, you may need to know what kinds of seeds to feed what kinds of birds, select the right bird food to attract the birds that show around your backyard. Sunflower seeds Safflower Seeds Nyjer / Thistle Peanuts Cracked corn Millet Milo Sunflower seeds There are many kinds of […]

Plant millet to feed birds

Some people who have pet parrots may see glasses as the below photo grown up in their flowerpots. These grasses are actually millet that the parrots’ food – millet seeds were blow by wind or poured with the bird droppings as flower fertilizer to the flowerpots and grew up. These planted millet seeds can used as your bird food to save you money and time…

What Is Nectar?

Nectar is a sugar-rich liquid produced by flower plants. It’s a nutrient source to some flying creatures like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, attract them to pollinate pollen when they are drinking the nectar …